Task Force Mission

Our mission: To engage in a long-term effort to enhance the culture of the legal profession by prioritizing lawyer well-being.

Task Force History

In 2017, Greg Goheen (then-acting KBA President), Anne McDonald (then-acting KALAP Executive Director) and Penny Moylan (a Deputy Disciplinary Administrator), were each undertaking efforts to raise awareness, in Kansas, of the National Task Force Report on Lawyer Well-Being (National Report). The three joined efforts and thereafter requested authorization from the Kansas Supreme Court to form a state-wide Task Force to implement the recommendations from the National Report. Chief Justice Nuss sanctioned the formation of a State Task Force and requested Justice Eric Rosen to serve as the Supreme Court’s liaison to the Task Force. Consequently, an Executive Committee was officially formed and began the process of recruiting members from each Stakeholder group identified within the National Report:  Judges, Law Schools, Bar Associations, Regulators, Lawyer Assistance Programs, Legal Employers, and Malpractice Carriers. 

The first meeting of the Kansas Task Force on Attorney Well-Being was held on January 17, 2019. At this time, each stakeholder group chose a chairperson to organize and direct its efforts. In addition, each stakeholder group was tasked with identifying two National Report recommendations for their respective groups to implement and share their decision at the next state-wide meeting.

The Kansas Task Force continues to meet quarterly to collaborate and discuss each stakeholder’s efforts to implement its recommendations. At the July meeting, a new stakeholder group – women and minorities – was formed.  The stakeholder groups continue to recruit members who are interested and dedicated to the issue of lawyer well-being. If you are interested in serving on one of these stakeholder groups, please utilize the contact us page.